Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Thank you, Mom" by Christian Nissen

Thank You, Mom

and a

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms everywhere

I recorded a song for my mom

My mom asked me to record a song for her for her birthday. How could I say no? The result is a new arrangement of the Led Zeppelin classic "Thank You". A musical tweak here, a lyrical tweak there, and a project was born!

Once recorded, I put together a small video that I presented to my mom for Mother's Day 2011 and subsequently posted on YouTube. The video was quite well received and the viewers comments posted to this video were very moving, to say the least.

Don`t forget Mother's Day 2012

I want to share this video with you and, in turn, please share this with your own mom and your friends. By all means, add the video to your Facebook page, embed it into your blog, or anywhere that you would like to.

Here is the Youtube link for you to copy and paste:

If you would like to download an audio file of this song, it is available from iTunes.

Honestly, I don't really care to sell you the song. I didn't put this project together for any commercial reason and for me personally, it's actually thrilling enough to know that you want to download it!

But, because it is on iTunes, I have to charge you a king's ransom: a whopping $0.99.

So, here is a plan: I will donate all of the proceeds from the iTunes downloads of "Thank You, Mom" to charity.

Together, let's help support a worthwhile cause.

Depending on the outcome of this impromptu campaign, I will donate the proceeds to Foster Parents Plan of Canada with whom I have been sponsoring disadvantaged children around the world for at least the past twenty years. Now, if you guys make this idea go crazy and there are a ton of downloads, then I`ll find some additional causes to sponsor along the same lines as the Foster Parents Plan -- you know, in order to spread the wealth.


And by all means, please send me your comments!

Last but not least, don't forget to wish your mom a Very Happy Mother's Day!

Many thanks for all of your support, and
Happy Mother's Day!


PS -- Special thanks to Pierre Chalifoux and Soprano Studio who arranged and produced the recording of this project.

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